Sgiliau Play Centre opened in October 2019 by sport enthusiast, Steffan Hughes. In English, ‘sgiliau’ means skills, which is central to the purpose of our Centre. After setting up Sgiliau, who work with schools delivering PE lessons, Steff wanted to create a central activity place suitable for the wider community.

The team here are passionate about sport, developing skills, bringing people together and having fun.

A Big Welcome

Sgiliau Play Centre has been designed to create a ‘feel good’ experience for the whole family. We have set out to create a play area that’s clean, welcoming and comfortable.  The team at Sgiliau aim to create a social and friendly atmosphere for children of all ages, parents, carers and grandparents to make new friends.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Keeping children active and exercising (without realising) is so important for mental wellbeing too.  Sgiliau Play Centre provides an opportunity for children and adults to socialise in a fun environment. Adults are allowed to be big kids and get involved in the fun or have a good ‘clonc’ (chat) over coffee.

Learn Through Play

Sgiliau Play Centre is designed to excite, stimulate and develop a child’s confidence. We’re keen believers in learning through play. Making physical exercise fun and light hearted can help children naturally develop physical and social skills.

Safety First

Keeping children active and healthy in a safe environment is at the core of Sgiliau. We have set out rules to make sure it’s a safe place to eat, drink and play.


The Centre has been designed with inclusivity in mind for the whole community. Rooms, classes, groups and exclusive hire is available for schools and groups who need a quieter setting.


Welsh is a first language for many in West Wales and we wanted to make sure that children and adults feel comfortable communicating with our staff. We’ve made sure that our staff are bi-lingual. 

Our Planet

We like our planet and we would like to keep it. Where ever possible at Sgiliau Play Centre we will do our best to recycle, reduce waste and look after our environment.